Academic Catalog



1; With thesis
2; Without thesis
3; Secondary education
4; Ph.D. on M.S.
5; Ph.D. on B.S.



Applied Ethics M.A.(3)
Area Studies Ph.D.(4, 5)
Business Administration M.B.A.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Curriculum and Instruction M.Sc.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Early Childhood Education M.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Economics M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Educational Administration and Planning M.Sc.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Educational Sciences M.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Elementary Education M.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Elementary Science and Mathematics Education M.S.(1)
English Language Teaching M.A.(1) Ph.D.(4)
English Literature M.A.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Eurasian Studies M.A.(1, 2)
European Studies M.S.(1, 2)
Family Psychology M.S(3)
Gender and Women`s Studies M.S.(1, 2)
Guidance and Psychological Counseling M.Sc.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
History M.A.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
History of Architecture M.A.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Human Resources Development In Education M.A.(3)
Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.S.(2)
International Relations M.S.(1, 3) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Latin and North American Studies M.Sc.(1, 2)
Media and Cultural Studies M.S.(1, 2, 3)
Middle East Studies M.S.(1, 2)
Philosophy M.A.(1) Ph.D.(4)
Physical Education and Sports M.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Political Science and Public Administration M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4)
Psychology M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Science and Technology Policy Studies M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4)
Settlement Archaeology M.S.(1) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Social Antrophology M.Sc.(1)
Sociology M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D.(4, 5)
Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments M.S.(1, 2) Ph.D(4)