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M.S. with thesis in Political Science And International Relations

The Masters in Political Science and International Relations provides an advanced and comprehensive understanding of the transformation of global politics and society. The challenges that these transformations pose both to individual states and to global society as a whole is at the heart of this master programme. In addition to further developing the skills of those who have already studied in this area, the programme is designed to offer a new avenue to those from other social science, humanities or natural or applied science backgrounds.
The aims is, first, to provide a broad and inter-disciplinary foundation to understanding and explaining of contemporary politics and international relations. In turn, a more specialized programme of study is offered for students to develop research, analytical and presentational skills in specialist fields of study including pol. economy, area studies (eastern Mediterranean- wider Middle East), development studies, conflict studies, environmental studies, migration studies, gender studies and possibilities of other historical and policy studies.
The PSIR program is a with thesis program enabling students to complete a thesis in a specialist field with specialist supervision.