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M.S. with thesis in Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

The aim is to train graduate students in architecture with specialized skills for conservation and preservation of historic monuments and sites. These include all the techniques necessary to preserve existing monuments, parts or the whole of historic towns and areas, to restore those damaged by man or natural forces or those discovered by archeological excavations. The increase in scientific and cultural interest in monuments and the economic emphasis due to tourism have led to greater attention in this field. The curriculum aims at developing the previous training of students in architecture and broadening their background with a knowledge of the many other skills required of an architect-restorer. The students also get familiar with the materials and techniques of restoration by laboratory experience in photogrammetry, chemical analysis and treatment of all types of structural and ornamental samples.

Ph.D. in Conservation Of Cultural Heritage

Doctorate in restoration and preservation not only provides an opportunity of contributing to knowledge in the field, but also the framework to train future academics and researchers. The required must courses are aimed to establish a research frame of mind while elective courses address the specific areas of interest that Ph.D candidates wish to evelop further. A great majority of Ph.D students being either junior lecturers or interested in academic career, the Department emphasizes research and education.

Integrated Ph.D. in Conservation Of Cultural Heritage