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M.S. with thesis in Building Science

This is an interdisciplinary program open to all candidates with a bachelors degree in fields related to building science. Objectives are utilization of scientific knowledge and stimulation of scientific research in design, implementation, performance and evaluation stages of buildings as well as the basic issues of natural and man-made environments. Building management efficiency, construction systematics, computer-based library for construction detailing, function-systematics, computer-based library for construction detailing, function-specific spaces, energy in building design, integrated mechanical systems are some areas of investigation.

Ph.D. in Building Science

Doctorate in building science not only provides an opportunity contributing to the specific fields in science and technology as relevant and applicable to architectural knowledge and practice, but also the framework to train future academics and researchers. The required must courses are aimed to establish a research frame of mind while elective courses address the specific areas of interest that Ph.D candidates wish to develop further. A great majority of Ph.D students being either junior lecturers or interested in academic career, the Department emphasizes research and education.

Integrated Ph.D. in Building Science