Academic Catalog


Course Code: 5620571
METU Credit (Theoretical-Laboratory hours/week): 3(3-0)
ECTS Credit: 8.0
Department: Civil Engineering
Language of Instruction: English
Level of Study: Graduate
Course Coordinator: Prof.Dr. DOAN H. ALTINBLEK
Offered Semester: Fall or Spring Semesters.

Course Content

Fundamentals of hydropower: Hydraulic energy, power capacity, utilization. Planning of hydropower schemes: energy demand, supply types, energy cost, economic analysis, reports. Design of hydropower plants: intakes, canals, tunnels, head ponds, surge tanks, penstocks, valves. Power houses: substructures, superstructures. Turbines: principles of turbine action, types and selection of turbines, dimensions of turbines. (R)