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Course Code: 3840463
METU Credit (Theoretical-Laboratory hours/week): 3(3-0)
ECTS Credit: 6.0
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Language of Instruction: English
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Course Coordinator:
Offered Semester: Fall Semesters.
Prerequisite: Set 1: 3840262
The course set above should be completed before taking ASE463 MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS .

Course Content

Free and forced vibrations of single degree-of-freedom undamped linear systems. Types and characteristics of damping and its effects on the response. Two degree-of-freedom systems. Coordinate transformation. Coupling. Free vibration, response to harmonic excitation. Multi degree-of-freedom systems. Eigenvalue problem, modal vectors and orthogonality. Vibration of continuous systems. Transverse vibration of beams. Effects of boundary conditions on the response. Vibration measurement and isolation.